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    Jack Walker House
    Exeter International Airport
    Exeter, Devon, EX5 2HL,
    United Kingdom

    ==Sollicitatie procedure==
    Sollicitatie bestaat uit drie delen. Eerste aanmelding, sollicitatie gesprek, en indien succesvol bij het gesprek een simulator grading.

    Eerste stap: aanmelding via internet. Directe link.
    De aanmeld procedure is niet het hele jaar door beschikbaar. Meestal staat aangegeven wanner het weer mogelijk is online aan te melden.

    ===Sollicitatie gesprek===
    Het gesprek is redelijk relaxed. Twee man tegenover jou. Head of Human Resources en een active Captain. Wie je tegenover je hebt schijnt nog wel eens te veranderen. Totale gesprek duurt ongeveer 35-45 minuten.

    Het sollicitatie gesprek bestaat uit twee delen. Eerste gedeelte zijn vragen over jou, FlyBE, en jou/FlyBE. Het soort vragen dat je kan verwachten:
    • Tell about your aviation career, how you got interested, how/where you got your licenses.
    • Why do you want to join Flybe?
    • Give an example of a situation that you were somehow part of a conflict.
    • Give an example of a situation that had you think "I've had it/I'm giving up"
    • Give an example of a situation where you had to make a decision under pressure
    • Give an example of a situation where you made a decision and afterwards thought "If only I did this differently/I've made the wrong decision"
    • What do you know about Flybe? (history, present, future) You can easily talk for a few minutes about this, all the info is on the website.
    • What do you (personally) think is a factor in the fact that flybe's doing well?
    • What is the importance to a company, of a good functioning First Officer/Captain/Crewmember ?
    • What is your opinion on SOPs? Why are they of importance (to you and to a company)?
    • Explain what CRM is, and why it is of importance for a company to make sure that it is used.
    • what is the hardest/most difficult thing you've ever done?
    • what do you personally think is 'good customer service'?

    Het tweede gedeelte hangt een beetje af van wie je tegenover je hebt. In mijn geval:
    • What is the difference between IAS, CAS and TAS?
    • What is a critical engine, and what factors influence it?
    • On clock-wise rotating engines as seen from the back/flight direction, what is the critical engine?
    • What has an influence on the amount of lift (you are not asked to reproduce the formula, but it is all there)
    • What do you consider to be part of the 'dry operating weight'?

    ===Sim grading===
    info to follow.