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    Good Morning Colleagues

    This is something that will affect us all. This Topic is a place to share thoughts/opinions/advice. We are in this together. This will affect us all.

    To get the ball rolling:-

    This looks like a Multi-Year Black Swan Event. I knew we were in trouble when the Chinese quarantined Wuhan.

    Unfortunately the response to this has been characterised by negligence and incompetence - and here we are.

    If you need information:- (Aviation News Website) (Economic News and Opinion. Has very good Corona Virus News summary)
    John Campbell has a daily summary of news and gives very good advice - much better than anything from our 'Leaders' imho.

    I managed to get out of Dubai on Friday (one day late) as I was asked to stay while replacement crew were sent. Our client was afraid the borders would be closed - I believe additional crew have been assigned to this contract.

    My flights and re-current groundschool have all been cancelled - just some home standby until the end of the month. Nothing yet for April. This is a rapidly developing situation.

    Tip:- My company has succeeded in getting Licence validity extended from at least 2 CAAs - good idea to pass on to your training department.

    I’ve just completed a PC so personally I’m good.
    It took 30 min for authorization from local authorities to leave HongKong and had to play stupid to transit through Singapore.
    Starting a new rotation tomorrow which will roll into a monthlong out base out of ICN.
    US Airspace may be on the verge of closure for everything but military and freight.
    My wife works for a US airline in a ground position and has been asked to take unpaid leave.
    Mandatory closure of bars and restaurants in Florida as of today.


      Looks like a Global shutdown coming.

      Hopefully I will be able to travel to where are aircraft are stored tomorrow.

      My company wanted to send me to the UAE yesterday - not possible.

      Wherever I end up it will be for 3 months +


        I’m in Shanghai right now.
        Staying in an otherwise empty hotel being treated as if infected.
        Breakfast brought to the room by somebody in a full hazmat suit. It’s a little surreal.
        Tomorrow Japan then Korea.
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          I have a schedule without any flights just 4 days of standby for coming weeks..


            Well I was flying...

            The company issued new guidelines including a list of symptoms we have to report.

            One was a cough - unfortunately I had an intermittent cough for about 1 month.

            When I reported this they sent me home and told me to get a Covid-19 test.

            This is impossible to do in The Netherlands so I'm now looking at 2 weeks Quarantine at home....

            I just have an intermittent cough - no other symptoms. I feel fine.


              I got tested in China.
              Ironically I could not get tested in the USA prior to leaving.
              Now I need to find a place where I can get tested before going home end of May.
              Maybe Japan or Korea.